Online Resources

  • Green Town Los Altos is a grassroots initiative of residents and businesses in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills whose mission is to educate and inspire the community to take action that will make us more environmentally healthy and vibrant today and for future generations.  Great resource and group of people with whom to volunteer.
  • Build It Green professional non-profit membership organization whose stated mission is to promote healthy energy and resource efficient buildings in California.  Its web site is one-stop shopping for extensive information on its own and other certification systems, incentives for ‘green’ building, case studies and marketing reports on residential green building and information on an assortment of green building products.  The web site also hosts a database of green building professionals including everything from architects to green home stagers.
  • The USGBC is the non-profit organization that created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System.   LEED currently exists only for new, large residential buildings but is useful to understand the LEED criteria.
  • Green Globes provides a green building assessment tool similar to LEED but for lower priced and existing buildings.
  • The Reuse People is a non-profit organization serving all of California that provides environmentally responsible demolition services and sells reusable building materials to homeowners and contractors. 
  • Freecycle is a web site that lets you give your unwanted items away rather than put them in the trash contributing to land fill.   People exchange items.  It is very much like Craig’s List but the items are free and often of lesser value.   Sign up by the cities you want to participate in.
  • Environmental Organizations in the Bay Area (partial list) 
  • Peninsula Open Space Trust protects open space and sustainable practices on the Peninsula.
  • Sempervirens Fund preserves and protects the Santa Cruz Mountains giant sequoia habitats.
  • Mid Peninsula Open Space Trust.  Get out there and hug a tree, on one of the best set of public trail systems in the world.   Literally.

Print Resources

  • Your Green Home, By Alex Wilson – Mother Earth News
  • It’s Easy Being Green, By Crissy Trask – Gibbs Smith
  • Green Guide, By National Geographic Society

Green Builder Recommendations

Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

1954 Old Middlefield Way

Mountain View, CA94043

Contact Connie for a Contractor recommendation for any of your Green projects.

Solar Panel Insight + Recommendations

I recommend if at all possible you purchase, not lease your solar panel system.   If you purchase it, it is an asset.  If you lease it, it is a liability when selling.    Depending upon your electric bill and the size and type of system you install, the payback can be a short as a few years.   If you can’t pay cash up front, you can time pay with a loan to purchase as you would when you purchase a car. 

Installation Recommendations: