Sunnyvale sure has changed from the years when I grew up there.   Cherry, apricot and plum orchards that stretched as far as the eye could see have been replaced by tract homes in its southern parts and high tech giants to the north.  Perhaps no city better exemplifies the change from “The Valley of the Heart’s Delight” agriculture industry to “Silicon Valley.”  To the south/west (of El Camino Real), the city is coveted for its inclusion in the Fremont Union High School District (otherwise known as ‘Cupertino’ schools).  To the north, it is known as a convenient commute to some of the biggest names in tech and defense in the world including Lockheed Martin, Yahoo! and Juniper Networks.  The downtown area, which has survived a major redevelopment that ended in bankruptcy, has emerged a now on track revitalization project that will likely become one of the most vibrate downtowns in Silicon Valley. Murphy Street, a couple of short blocks from the train station, offers pedestrians a variety of International restaurants to choose from and soon, a large mall with big-box names in shopping.  Along the El Camino Real corridor are many international restaurants and markets to choose from, most notably an abundance of various themes from India.  Sunnyvale has many neighborhood parks.   On any given weekend, you will see them full of children playing.   Considered a safe, stable community with good schools, Sunnyvale is centrally located and in the mid-range of home prices in Silicon Valley.